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Discounts At a Glance

When you’re shopping for a new policy and comparing multiple insurance carriers, be sure to ask for the following discounts to get the lowest rate possible.

Safe Driver Discount:

The best way to save money is by being a safe driver.In determining your insurance premiums insurance companies look at your whole driving record. If you have been involved in car accidents and if you have multiple speeding tickets or other violations on your record you will be charged a much higher premium than others. If your aim is to find cheap car insurance, one of the main factors you can control is how safely you drive your car.
Insurance Bundling Discount: Many insurance companies offer discounts to customers who apply for more than one insurance policy together. Insurance companies often offer “package deals” these days. They know that this is the best way to keep growing business and you can advantage of lower premiums. So it is a win win situation for both customer and provider.In addition, choosing one company to service all of your insurance needs can also help simplify your life. Monthly bills can go to the same place, and you’ll never have to wonder which company to call when filing a claim.

Green Car Discount:

There are several reasons why green cars save you more money than ordinary vehicle. First of all they use less or no gasoline at all. Secondly maintenance costs on green cars are less expensive. There are also federal tax credits available for green cars. These tax credits can range from $250 to $2500 which is a big amount to save.

Senior Driver Discount:

This discount is based on having reached a certain age. For drivers who are aged 50 years or older many insurance companies offer a 5% discount. Some companies offer this discount to customers who are aged 55 or above and have taken a driver safety course. Other discounts which senior citizens can avail are Personal Injury Protection Discount and Retired Driver Discount.

Good Student Discount:

One of the less known benefits of hitting the books is that it can get you a cheap car insurance. College/School going students by maintaining a GPA of 3.0 or higher can earn lower premiums on car insurance. Earning a spot on your colleges Dean’s list or Honor Roll can also help you in your cause.

Safety Devices Discount:

one easy way to curb your rising premium costs is by purchasing an anti theft device for your car. Devices like car alarms, Lo Jack, steering wheel bars and remote vehicle disablement not only guard your car against thieves but also allow you to save upto 30% on your car insurance premiums.

Military Auto Insurance Discount:

For their services to the country military officials can qualify for special discounts that will help them get cheap car insurance. Whether you are a member of armed forces, National Guard or Reserves you may qualify for discounts up to 15 percent of your total auto insurance premium. However Policies differ from company to company so be sure to ask your company what is available.

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Teenager’s Car Insurance

Auto Insurance premiums are really high for teenager's. Adding your teenage son and daughter can really increase your premium when you add them to your driving list. However you can control them if you want.

Unemployed Car Insurance

As we all agree being an unemployed is itself a big problem and a slight increase in insurance premiums for such people can prove to be havoc. Car insurance premiums average almost a third more (30%) for those out of work.

Discounts At a Glance

Are you getting cheap insurance for your car? Are you availing all the discounts you can get on your auto insurance? Is your insurer providing you all the discounts you are entitled to on your car insurance policy? Have a Look